Roots & Co. is a project to chronicle and celebrate food producers.

In today’s fast-paced media environment – be it through traditional or social outlets – we’re bombarded with food.

From fine dining to home baking, clean eating to burger bragging, we’re surrounded by a huge spectrum of food imagery across television, blogs, commercials, websites, Instagram, magazines, packaging, Facebook, and whatever other outlet you can think of.

How often do we really get to know anything about the people who create the food we’re eating? Glimpses into the lives of food producers are pretty hard to find.

The stories here focus on the people for whom food means a livelihood. Be it a farmer, winemaker, cheesemonger or forager, we profile these foodsmiths from all over the world in the hope to better understand the infinite contexts in which people work with food – and why.

Stay tuned for new stories every fortnight.

PS. Like our logo? It was hand-drawn by the lovely Cecilia Humphrey of Ceci N’est Pas Creative.

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